Puma. ALIFE. Enough said.


Last week I was able to intend a sneak-peak viewing of Puma’s new ALIFE range. 

Held at the Puma Select store in Cape Town’s CBD, the small but intimate event was the perfect setting for the viewing. Rudi, our host for the night, gave us the details and back round for the new range, a little bit of insight into the minds at Puma. The range features Puma’s trademark ”over the top” designs. Track pants, shirts, sweat shirts and shoes were all on show.

My favourite of the lot were the clothing designs that used photos of piranhas taken in a fish tank that is actually in one of Puma’s stores in the U.S. The perfect shades of green with the piranhas definitely put the clothes on my wish list. One of the more ”out there” items were mirrored sneakers. Yes, mirrored. Personally, they aren’t for me, I’m more of a suede and leather guy, but I can definitely see the appeal of a shoe that you can see your reflection in.

The ALIFE range will be released periodically over the next few months here in South Africa, but with limited stock, don’t wait for a clear out sale or your paycheck at the end of the month, this range will sell out quicker than Usain Bolt.








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