Manners…use them

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Today is a slightly different post. We are going to talk about manners. 

I’ve seen too many people lately who just don’t know any manners and to me, that’s a complete turn off. So, this is my list of some things people have clearly forgotten to do in public, on a date, or just in life in general

1) EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!!!. This one should be so obvious, but clearly it isn’t. No one wants to see your food, no one wants to hear the orchestra you create with your mouth and food. It’s just off putting. Stop it.

2) If you are on a date, or talking with someone, get off your phone. If it’s important let them know you will be using your phone. Don’t sit there scrolling through Facebook or Instagramming your meal when someone is trying to have a conversation with you. It is so rude to not maintain eye contact during a conversation, and makes it so clear that you aren’t interested in what they are saying.

3) Listen to what is being said. hearing and listening are very different things. Pay attention to what is being said, don’t just wait for your turn to talk. It’s called a conversation, it isn’t your chance to ramble on about who knows what.

4) Don’t talk over people. Just don’t, They will end up hating you. I promise. I can honestly say I hate everyone who has done it to me. What you have to say is not the most important thing in everybody else’s life.

5) Finally, just be a decent human being. I’m quite sure you know most of these things but putting them into practice is the important part. Manners go a long way in earning respect from someone, and it’s the easiest way too. On the road, in a restaurant, with friends or loved ones, just practice good manners. And for the guys, girls love a guy with manners. Ask my girlfriend, she told me ”Oh my god you are the most amazing guy to ever live, and you are so good looking, I’m only saying this because of your good manners”…ok…she didn’t say that…but I’m 100% sure she was thinking it.


2 thoughts on “Manners…use them

  1. Há! I literally love this. You have highlighted pretty much every one of my pet peeves. As soon as someone’s chewing is audible I’m out! 😀 I love that you’ve talked about this. For some reason manners are so easily forgotten these days. Keep blogging – Jade xx

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