The worst hair styles.

Fashion, Grooming

I’ll be the first to admit that I have had some shocking haircuts in my time. From a buzz cut to a step cut, and a very unfortunate part of my life when it looked like I had a reverse mullet, I have had my fair share of bad hair days. So, today we shall talk about haircuts that need to stop happening.

The Mullet – This haircut wasn’t even that great when it was popular 25 years ago, so why do people insist on still having one. No, the ”Work in front, party at the back” thing is horrible, you look ridiculous, and people aren’t pointing at you because they like it, they’re pointing at you cause you look like Billy Ray Cyrus after a heavy night of drinking.
The Rat Tail – I don’t even know why I need to discuss why this is a bad haircut. A thin pony off the side of your head? No, just no.
The Bowl Cut – I have had one, don’t make the same mistake I did and tell the hairdresser it looks good. It really doesn’t, you could of done a better job with a lawnmower or a goat chewing your hair off.
The Bieber – You know what haircut i’m talking about, and honestly, do you want to look like a spoiled, Canadian brat? I think not, take my advice, JUSTIN BIEBER SHOULD NOT BE YOUR STYLE ICON IN ANY WAY.
The Mad Scientist – I understand that after school when your hair doesn’t need to meet specific requirements, you then decide to go mental and let it grow out. But, keep it neat, keep it tidy, you don’t want your hair to look like a beaver has made it’s home in it. Just trim it, style it a bit, and you can have your longer, wild hair at least look like something more than a hobo that has never been to the barber.
Those are just my Top 5 bad haircuts. There are plenty more that should be avoided at all costs. In the end, it’s your choice, your hair, your decision, Just be prepared to answer awkward questions like ”Did you do that to yourself in your sleep?” or ”You actually paid someone to make you look like that?”

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