For those who don’t like camping.

Cool Shit

Yes, I know I’m a guy and I should actually enjoy camping, but honestly, I don’t. My O.C.D takes over and I turn into a drama queen (Try not to laugh).

In a couple of weeks I’m going to a festival and my girlfriend has convinced me that camping will be OK, so I’ve decided to take some time and come up with a list of things to make this trip more pleasant. So, this isn’t the type of post I usually do, but I feel it could help some of my fellow wilderness haters. It’s becoming Summer here, so this will be a list directed for hot days.

Things you need to make your camping trip slightly more bearable

1) Take quite a few clean clothes. There is nothing that will make you feel as dirty as grimey clothes.

2) Take a backpack so you can at least have some bottles of water, sunscreen and any valuables you don’t want to leave at your tent if you are going to be walking around and leaving your tent unattended.

3) A hat, Just take a hat. Sun burn is just not a thing and protecting your skin prevents skin damage as well.

4) Take comfortable bedding. Getting a good nights rest will always make you feel better. Buying a roll up mattress is a good idea. Having camping chairs is also a good plan, you don’t want to stay in your tent all day just to be comfortable

5) Make sure you have enough food and drinks. You’re not enjoying the camping as it is, at least make sure you’re not hungry as well.

6) Take soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Stay clean, don’t go to bed covered in dirt and sweat. It’s just gross…

I know some of these things might be a bit obvious, but don’t underestimate the powers of some creature comforts when going camping, especially if you don’t enjoy it. In my experience, you often get told ”It’s just camping for 3 days, you don’t need all that stuff” Yes, yes you do need all that stuff. Trust me when i say, remembering all these things will at least allow you to try not hate every second of your trip.




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