That beard.


brycebeardOk, first off, I don’t have a beard. I’ve never had one actually, for some reason my body hates me and only allows me to grow the softest of hair on my face. So, I will unfortunately never be the proud owner of a beard, but for you lucky guys who can, you need to maintain that thing.

Beards can be one of best looking things you have, if you look after it correctly. Looking like a homeless Santa Clause is obviously not the result you want after months of growing an epic beard. Like the hair on your head, your beard also needs to be washed, trimmed and looking neat. A Google search of a gentleman named Ricki Hall will show you just how great a well kept beard looks.

A trim once a week, proper washing and just general upkeep will take you from looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway, to the Beard World Champ. Finding a good barber to help you look after your beard is also a great idea. Once a month they can just do the professional maintenance. There are many different styles of beards to choose from, find one that suits you best.


Below is a link to a YouTube channel called The Beard Baron. It has everything you need to do about beards from a guy who has, well, quite an insane beard.


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