Fold your shirts.

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TSHIRTBRYCEThis is just a quick post on how and why folding your shirts is important. The how is coming later, but the why should be obvious.

Simply, having shirts that aren’t creased and what not look better. You will look smart and well kept just by having a straightened¬†shirt. Whether it’s a t-shirt, formal shirt or anything else that can crease, folding it properly will save you the time of having to iron it, and as you will see below, doesn’t take much effort at all.

Formal shirts are obviously different. You put those on hangers. Please, don’t argue, just put them on a hanger.

Don’t be ”that guy” that can’t do something as basic as shirt folding.

Fabulous Big Bang Theory Scheme DIY Life Hacks Ideas

Below is a link to a video to show you how to fold a shirt in 2 seconds…Yes…2 seconds.




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