How to tie a tie…correctly.


Ties. Ties are probably the most annoying thing to get right and we usually just end up doing a half-arsed knot that looks horrific but gets the job done. Back in primary or high school this was kind of acceptable, but now that you’ve left school and going out and about in a professional environment, that rubbish tie just isn’t going to cut it.


Tying a tie correctly doesn’t have to be a struggle and with a few simple steps and some practice, you’ll go from not knowing what you’re doing, to being able to tie one in a few different ways. From The Windsor to The Kelvin and even the odd looking Trinity knot, a tie done correctly will add that little bit of extra style to your suit or tux.

One day you might want to wear a bow tie, which are even harder to get right, but once again, will add that touch of James Bond to your outfit. I wore a bow tie to my Matric dance, yes it did take my dad a few tries to get right, but when it was done, it definitely added the final touch that my tux needed.

tie bryce

Even though wearing a tie or learning to tie them might seem a little pointless right now, but when it comes time to having to wear one, you want to at least know how to do it, right?

And just a little bit of extra advice, buy a tie clip as well. I’m quite sure you don’t want your tie falling into your food at dinner or just generally getting in the way.

Below is a link to a great website that tells you about the different knots and how to do them.




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