Your shoes should be clean…


Unfortunately, in this day and age you will get judged instantly by how you look. Yes, this isn’t a great habit us humans have developed, but it is unavoidable. But, there is a way to make that judgement slightly less harsh. Clean shoes. Clean shoes is the answer.

You often see well put together and dressed guys with dirty shoes and that can not only ruin an outfit, but also make you look like you don’t care about your appearance. Don’t get me wrong, the whole idea that ‘people are perfect in their own way’ still applies, but in a lot of circumstances, the small things count. Whether it’s a date, going to work, or just going out with your mates, you take the time to dress well and look good, but often overlook your shoes. Clean shoes are essential, it’s a small detail that makes a lot of difference, you need to take pride in all aspects of your wardrobe. Whether it’s your pair of smart leather shoes, sneakers, or just sports shoes, cleaning them every now and then will ensure they look brand new for a lot longer than you expected.

Below I’ve put a couple of videos and a quick ‘how-to’ on cleaning shoes. The first video is an artisan way of cleaning and to me, it’s actually quite mesmerising to watch, but too much effort to do on a regular basis. The second video is just a simple way to clean your leather shoes and the ‘how-to’ is how to clean suede


Artisan shoe cleaning :

Simple way to clean leather shoes :

Suede cleaning ”How-to”



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