Its time to get rid of those skating shoes


Today is another post on what you should have left at the store. Skate board shoes are shoes you might of thought were cool 10 years ago.

Those fat, wide sneakers that you bought when you decided you were going to try skating, THEY ARE NOT A THING ANYMORE. Unless you are actually a skater and get sponsored, do not wear them. Nowadays, there are so many better sneaker options you are spoiled for choice. So many brands have made stylish, affordable replacements for your sneakers. Don’t get me wrong, they were cool, I bought a pair myself. But you grow up, you upgrade the rest of your wardrobe, so update your shoes in the process. High top seekers, low cut sneakers and everything in between are available to you, go out and buy them. The list of alternatives is huge. But whatever you choose, ensure they are a more mature shoe.




Post // Bryce Fisher
Pics // Pinterest



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