Formal Essentials

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Today we shall discuss a few essential items every young guy should have in their wardrobe. You’re just out of school, you’re not going to be wearing your uniform anymore, and now you need some adult clothes. Here are a couple of things to have in case of a job interview, formal function, or even a date.


1) Formal dress shoes. You need to own at least one pair of black or brown leather dress shoes that can go with a suit or a smart outfit. People will judge you on your appearance, it’s unavoidable, but wearing a great pair of smart shoes will have you on the front foot.


2) A great fitting pair of trousers. Any simple colour will do. Black, dark brown, grey, whatever you choose, just make sure they go with your shoes. You can’t wear jeans to an interview. Just don’t do it.


3) A basic, white button up. This doesn’t need much explaining. It goes with everything, simple as that.


4) A blazer. You need a blazer. It can turn a casual outfit into something smart, and plus, you’ll feel like a boss putting one on. Once again, basic colours are key. Black, grey or even dark blue. Whatever you choose, get one that’s fitted by a professional, or get one made for you. A great blazer is a worthwhile investment.


5) A travel bag.  Don’t use your gym bag, it’s only for gym. Getting yourself a decent over night bag is a long term investment.


When buying these items, ensure they all go together as one outfit. There’s no use buying green shoes and red trousers, you want to look smart, not colour blind. Adding a tie is also a good idea. You can go a bit crazy with ties, any colour will suffice really. Just don’t buy one that has a bull on it saying ”I’m horny”. Do I need to explain why? No, thought not.


There you have it. A few worthwhile additions to your closet that you will need at some point in your young adult life. I’ve made the mistake of thinking I didn’t need them, and trust me, you don’t want to be the only guy in jeans in a room full of perfectly pressed suits.




1. Lace-ups R299, Spree

2. Slim-fit Trousers R699, C SQUARED at Spree

3. White Shirt R450, Polo at Spree

4. Slim-fit Jacket R1499, C SQUARED at Spree

5. Travel Bag R549, Blake at Spree

Post // Bryce Fisher

Pics // Spree and Pinterest



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