Stylish Street Stompers.


Your Dad most probably had a pair and you’ve probably found them somewhere in a cupboard or in the garage. He would of told you how comfortable or horrible they were when he needed to wear them for 15 hours a day for two years ”on the border”. Yes, we’re talking about boots. Combat boots, army boots, Dr Martens or workman’s boots. Recently boots have made their way into everyday fashion and for guys especially, there are a ton of options that can fit into almost any outfit. I recently bought an old pair of South African army boots, and surprisingly, they are much more stylish than you think.


Pair them up with a button up and a pair of light toned chinos and there you have it. For winter add a beanie and scarf, a thick coat or even a cardigan, the choices are endless. Keep your trousers a lighter shade of gray or camel, or if you have brown boots team them up with a great pair of darker blue jeans. Winter is the time to stomp down the street in your own pair and finding a cheap pair isn’t hard. These are also great ”guy” shoes. No need to worry about mud or dirt, just wipe it off, the dirt will add to their character anyway. And plus, they won’t go out of style, you’ll end up giving yours to your son, just without the boring army story.


Post // Bryce Fisher

Pictures // Pinterest & My own.


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