No, that Element belt you bought 10 years ago isn’t OK.


Let’s be serious. Belts are an important part of every mans wardrobe. It will enhance any outfit and will give you that stylish edge you want. One problem though, we have all made the mistake of buying one belt and not changing it. I have made that mistake. Up until 4 months ago I was wearing my material, fake steel buckle belt that was only cool for about 15 minutes in 2006. This piece of leather that keeps your pants up can turn you from a 16 year old skater into a mature gentleman. Just keep it simple, brown or black leather, simple metal buckle. None of those studded ones you see Pauly D wearing, no, I don’t even have to explain why that is a bad idea. Trust me when I say, a leather belt will make a difference that isn’t huge, but you will certainly notice right away.




Post // Bryce Fisher

Pictures // Pinterest


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